Grapefruit Gum

Grapefruit Gum


For every product sold, a portion of the product goes to 7 different causes such as hunger and education.

Project 7 wants to make gum fun again.  We are a specialty gum and mint brand dedicated to bringing great flavor back into every day of your week while at the same time giving back to 7 areas of need.  We were awarded Gum of the year in 2014 by the Candy Industry for the most innovative gum.  Our products are sugar free and proudly made in America.  Fun flavors like Birthday Cake, Front Porch Lemonade and Coconut Lime shake things up a bit and take your taste buds on an adventure.  Our innovative re-sealable pouch package makes it easier to put our gum in your pocket or purse while on the adventure of life. On top of all of this, we partner with non profits making impacts both here in America and abroad and share your giving impact from purchases on the back of every pack. Little purchases like our gum and mints when added up, can pull many people together and make life changing impacts every day of the week. Great Tasting and World Changing.

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  • Innovative Pouch package, easy to put in your pocket or purse for on the go transport
  • Confectionary Gum of the Year Award Winner! Sugar Free, Gluten Free and Vegetarian
  • Re-sealable pouch keeps gum and mints from falling out in your purse or pocket
  • A variety of flavors to chew that serve as a treat or a calorie free dessert or simply when you want to freshen up