Hi everyone! We are the founders of ShopKind: Natalie, Kelsey and Barbara, three seniors that are currently in the IncubatorEDU program at Barrington High School in Illinois. If you are like us, you are trying to find ways to help causes that matter around the world. ShopKind is a great opportunity to do your part in the world, and truly change the lives of others with every purchase you make. We are a marketplace for social cause products.

Our mission is to promote companies/products that give back to the world. How they give is sorted into three social mission categories:
  • Financial support– when a product is purchased, a certain percentage is donated to a specific cause.

  • Service support– when a product is purchased, a service is provided for those in need. (i.e. Out of Print is a company we feature, and each purchase helps to fund literacy programs and book donations to communities in need. It also supports the authors, publishers and artists who made these iconic works an integral part of our lives.)

  • Employment opportunities- the products that are being sold employ people in need of a job (i.e. 31 Bits is a jewelry company that creates dignified work opportunities for artisans worldwide while providing customers with a place to purchase products.)

We are currently in the process of providing our viewers with the opportunity to donate funds to specific causes that are relevant today. This will allow you to impact the world, even if you didn’t have time to purchase something.
We hope you find something, and happy shopping!